Le Blackburn

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Le Blackburn

Le Blackburn

Le Blackburn is an old cave aged English type cheddar that offers notes of toasted hazelnuts and is king of impromptu tastings and posh events! Le Blackburn is a farmstead cheese with a brushed rind that’s ripened for over 9 months before its full flavour comes to term. Ivory in colour with a slightly crumbly texture, heralding a flavour which is both intense and complex. Made from a unique manufacturing process, Le Blackburn cheese with its distinct flavour will charm even the most refined palates.

Its name is reminiscent of the family name from the 4 generations of farmers and cheese makers, which offers flavour that is both authentic and unparalleled.

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Food and wine pairings

Confit d’oignons, gelée de porto

Rouges semi-corsés ou corsés :
Région/appellation : Bourgogne sous-régionale, Médoc,  Côtes-du-Rhône-villages, Chianti et porto Cépages : Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel

Blancs liquoreux :
Région/appellation : vin de glace, vin de cidre, Sauterne, vendange tardive.