Une histoire de famille

The farm

The  ABG Blackburn is a dairy farm operating in large-scale farming and farm-market agriculture, with 750 acres of cultivable land and has been accommodating a family of dedicated farmers for 4 generations now. With its herd of more than 250 Holstein cows, the dairy farm boasts the production of exemplary quality milk drawn from the riches of the boreal region, which gives its dairy products an exceptionally distinct taste.


The fertile soil of the Blackburn farm has now had four generations of the Blackburn family to grace the property with their presence. Its 90 years of history began with Napoleon Blackburn, who started the great farming adventure in 1926. A model of hard work, he then inspired his son Joseph to also become a farmer. In addition to the animals, the farm-market agriculture keeps the Blackburn family, which includes 14 children, busy on a daily basis.

Then, in 1978, Joseph then passed the family farming business to his three sons. The winds of change blew in and the brothers decided to direct their operations solely toward Holstein cows. While successfully meeting their challenge with a herd of more than 250 animals, including 110 dairy cows, the family continues to grow fruits and vegetables, which the company has been selling for 40 years during the summer season.

In 2006, it was the fourth generation’s turn to once again proudly carry the Ferme ABG Blackburn flame, with the operations conducted by Gilles and Benoit Blackburn. On the farm-side of things, Jean-François and Michael take care of the grains. Jean-François watched over the fields to obtain the best hay possible. In the same desire to ensure impeccable quality at each stage, Michaël takes great care of the herd so that each animal was healthy, performed well and were properly taken care of. As for Marie-Josée and Nicolas, their passion turned to action and they launched into the great cheese making adventure. Since all of these elements were united, from the hay to the cows, in addition to the milk and cheese, gourmet magic was made…


Offering cheeses from their own dairy production, Fromagerie Blackburn is proud to offer products that carry their name. Due to artisanal methods made optimal by the addition of sustainable technological equipment, the cheese factory not only ensures that quality is maintained, but also remarkable consistency.

The Blackburn family is present at each stage that the cheese is aged and thus reaches its full quality potential. Every detail counts: The rind, aroma, colour and texture are all elements that need to be verified and controlled. The skill, experience and vast knowledge of the world of cheese enable your cheese makers to offer products that you love and whose taste, in addition to the notes and flavours, were created with passion and diligence.

Our cheese makers

Marie-Josée Blackburn

A biologist by trade, Marie-Josée Blackburn infinitely understands the link to her true passion – cheese! She meticulously coordinates all manufacturing stages so that each wheel of cheese wins over the palate of cheese aficionados. Le Cabouron, Mount-Jacob or Blackburn, the heart of this cheese maker beats for these subtle notes and captivating aromas that only well-made cheeses can offer.

Your impassioned cheese maker knows the virtues of patience and takes special care with the traditional and artisanal aspects present at each stage of the processes developed around the cheese factory. Aware of the importance of sustainable development and the quality of the ground and raw materials, the cheese factory has a mission. This mission is to reveal the flavours of the terroir through exceptional cheese. Under this mantra, Marie-Josée Blackburn creates what the Fromagerie Blackburn was born for, making the highest-quality cheese possible!

Nicolas Blackburn

Taste in all its complexity can only be truly enjoyed through a carefully controlled manufacturing process. Nicolas Blackburn is the leader of all mechanical processes implicated in cheese manufacturing. Nicolas is a mechanic and cheese maker with extensive knowledge in terms of process control and sustainable production. He’s long seen the importance of quality control through methanization, energy recovery, in addition to respect for the land and its fruits and from raw materials to the finished product. The latter involves the conscientious use of technology that enables consistency and stringency. With the combination of his extensive technical skills and the know-how of Marie-Josée, Nicolas Blackburn also takes care of the farm-market agriculture on the family grounds.

CHP Generation

An innovative, environmental and completely GREEN solution! How is whey separated without harm to the environment? Fromagerie Blackburn has the answer: A white water and whey treatment unit through methanization.

The first company in North America to use this technology, literally making it possible to transform whey into water while generating energy, Fromagerie Blackburn is proud to promote this innovative principle that is completely green and environmentally friendly.

Fromagerie Blackburn, an ECO-FRIENDLY resource!