The Cheese Factory

The Cheese Factory

Cheese must be tasted to be fully appreciated! This is why the cheese factory is open every day of the week and their friendly staff are present to offer tastings. Firm, semi-firm or cheddar, an experience that will please the taste buds of all cheese aficionados.

The boutique also offers the best window into the art of cheese making. When you enter, you’ll be able to see the entire production area. A variety of honey, jams, mustards, dressings, meats and other regional products that pair perfectly with our products, are also available in-store enabling you to create delicious and delectable feasts.

We welcome all groups of co-workers, students and others to make a reservation for an initiation into the world of cheese. We’ll answer your questions, show you our manufacturing methods and share our passion for everything cheese!


List of points of sale

Our products are available at IGA, Loblaws and Métro grocery stores. Just ask for our products at the cheese counter!


(List under construction… come back soon!)